Our Clients

S&B assists individual clients, privately held companies and not-for-profit organizations in meeting their goals.
We operate from the client's perspective and seek to establish a client base that values strategic advisers and long-term professional relationships.

As a full-service, public accounting firm, we are able to serve a wide range of industries.  While our privately held companies are generally concentrated in the automotive, construction, health care, manufacturing, professional services, restaurant and retail industries, we have the experience, tools and resource to assist clients a wide range of markets.

Insurance reimbursements, profitability of assistants and capital investments required for new technology are just a few of the critical areas health care professionals analyze for optimal practice performance.

Solar, high-tech, bio-tech, plastics, paint and various other manufacturers have supply chains, inventories and budgets to manage closely.

Professional and financial service industries employ qualified professionals; realization rates of labor, fee structures and receivables management are some of the key performance indicators evaluated.

Independently operated and franchised eateries closely manage and consider profit margins, inventory controls and equipment acquisitions.

Retail service providers maximize profitability through cash flow management, inventory management and successful budgeting.

The construction industry and their suppliers must carefully manage cash flow and inventory and perform job costing to ensure profitability per job.